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Let’s Talk Branding

Find out more about the journey we go with our clients when we start a branding project.


Brand Research

After the client brief is complete, the first branding stage is research. Here, we investigate your peers, your competition and think about the dfferent audiences you need to speak to. We also want to know what you think. Any examples of brands or design you like and, sometimes more importantly, what you don’t like, are welcomed here. The aim is to collate a moodboard which allows us to understand where you want to fit within your market and helps us start to develop your brand ‘voice.’


Black & White Concepts

Now, the creativity starts. We begin to experiment with fonts, symbols and marks, often by hand, and always keeping your aims and our research in mind. This stage is about keeping our options open and pushing ideas. We present first round concepts to you in black and white to avoid colour bias. If we show you an idea using your least favourite colour, it can stop a good idea developing before it’s even started.


Colour Concepts

Based on your feedback, ideas are refined into one or two working concepts. This is where the brand identity really starts to take shape. Typography, colour palette, layouts and straplines are all thought through. We also carefully consider formats and how the logo, colours and any associated marks will be used across your marketing mix.



It’s finalising time. We really get into the detailed refinement of your chosen new logo and associated marks. We create all the different versions you’ll need. So, whether it’s layout (from standalone icons to stacked versions) or formats (from print to safe for web files), we’ve got you covered.


The End Result (also known as ‘the best bit’)