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Shop Local: Hannam's.
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Shop Local: Hannam's

As Small Business Saturday arrives, we take a look at an independent business in Surrey that is blazing a trail for the future of our local high street.

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Hannam's - Ashtead, Surrey 
The Jelly Baby General. That was the name given to Grandpa Walter Hannam at the Kent & Payne sweet factory he worked in during the 194os. It was also the inspiration behind Hannam's, an independent sweet and gift shop recently opened by the next generation of sweet connoisseurs  - Mr Hannam's grandchildren. 

With a combined background in retail merchandising, graphic design and professional cooking, it was a match made in (Bon Bon) heaven when Zoe, Lee and Jon came together to set up the business. 

Alongside the more traditional sweet shop, where children (and grown ups too) can choose from rows of jars filled with their favourite sweets, Hannam's offer their own range of luxury fudge, handmade by Jon Hannam, a professional chef and part owner of the shop.

OH Hannams Shop Through the Keyhole sfw

OH Hannams Shop Through the Keyhole sfw

Jon says: "Our Grandfather was the original 'Wally Hannam and the Chocolate factory', producing quality, handmade confectionery for the local community in Islington. We are now doing the same with our fudge range."

"It's all about bringing the flavour back", adds Lee. "In fact, we've just opened a new room in the shop where you can see Jon in action, alongside personalised sweet hampers and our new range of craft merchandise - just in time for Christmas."

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Hannam's is situated on Rectory Lane in Ashtead, Surrey and continues the village's tradition of supporting small, independent businesses on its high street. In fact, Rectory Lane is the original axis of the village and retains several listed buildings. 


Zoe, who has worked on a number of high street retail initiatives over the years, says: "A lot of people are moving to Surrey from London and they want to re-connect with their local communities and build relationships. There has also been the nationwide Support Your Local High Street movement this year, and we have definitely seen that support in our local area."

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"But it doesn't stop there. Everyone can have a say in what their high street looks like. For example, we'd like to set up a regular Artisan Arts & Crafts Market on Rectory Lane in Ashtead, and by using our collective voices I firmly believe we can create - and keep - the 'buzz' on our local high streets."

Hannam's new room will be opening on the 8th December. Take a look through the keyhole below for a sneaky peak.

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