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No Screen Sunday - part 2.
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No Screen Sunday - part 2


Transcript below in case our super speed typewriting was too fast. 
No Screen Sunday. That was the plan at the start of January, and we're still holding our resolve as a family nearly two months later.       

I don't have an aversion to screens - I spend a large proportion of my life living it through pixels and I agree with the mantra of everything in moderation - but we want one day a week that is about good old-fashioned communication. In fact, I even managed to dig out one of my old typewriters (I have six of them from my university years) to write this.     

I'll admit that at the start it tested everyone in the family; after a month it felt normal. And now we're at a point where the kids come in and hand in their electrical equipment in the morning to avoid any temptations.

What's really changed though I hear you ask? Well, we talk more, we spend more time together, we create more, make cakes, cook together, we don't have to fight for one another's attention, we walk the dog more, play games and we slow down a bit as well. Which is a good thing.

Actually, it's been better than good; it's reminded us of the fun you can have together and I'm pretty sure our family resolve is going to keep going for quite a lot longer.  
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