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No Screen Sunday.
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No Screen Sunday

OH Journal No Screen Sunday Diary

It's nice to write a blog post in my sketchbook, but for those who can't read my handwriting I've typed it out below:

"I use screens all of the time. They're so darn convenient and contain so much really cool stuff. But essentially, some days, I spend a larger proportion of my life living it through pixels. That's not great!

So as a family we're making a few changes. We're test running a no screen Sunday. That's no email checking, no Twitter, no Facebook, no browsing, no googling, no Minecraft and no Peppa Pig for all the family members. 

I'm writing this blog post on the morning of our first no screen Sunday and hence the ink and paper. At the moment I'm unsure of how it will go, I'll report back shortly.

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