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Moo Cow.
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Moo Cow

Herd the news? Dozens of brightly-coloured cows will soon be displayed across the Surrey Hills as part of CowParade, the world's largest open air public art event.

And Openhouse's very own illustrator extraordinaire, Laurie King, has been inspired to create his own cycling themed cow design, in celebration of the biking heritage of the Surrey Hills. 
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Titled 'King of the Surrey Hills', the illustrative design picks up on the true landscape of the hills, with bikes seamlessly navigating the undulating roads and all the unique landmarks along the way: White Downs and its wartime pillbox, Box Hill’s road artwork and the Leith Hill Tower, amongst others. 

Check out Total Women's Cycling article on our lovely cow here.

Blog Cow Detail 2

Blog Cow Detail 2
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