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Flower Show.
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Flower Show

An older post from this year but one that reminds us of the lighter, brighter summer months.

We took time away from the studio last week to draw some design inspiration from this year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower show. Our visit also happened to coincide with the hottest day in the UK ‘since records began’. (I’ve always wondered what day records actually did begin and who decided that was the day to start, but I digress). 

The range of colour combinations, shapes and structures, oh, and a visit from royalty (see Mr Tickle), gave Laurie the perfect subject matter to indulge his love of illustration. One concept garden really caught our eye, with its clever use of mirrors and angles to depict endless rows of cornfields; representing the battle to grow and farm sustainable crops in Africa. An impressive and, surprisingly, thought provoking day. 

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