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Community Kickstart

Local artist Richenda Court has been putting her heart and soul into producing art for years, but nothing has felt quite so personal as trying to get her hand drawn Ocean Swell book  - a fantasy adventure about two people who submerge themselves into the ocean for an underwater journey - published. 

The concept of crowd funding - where large groups of people come together to help raise money for projects they believe in - has made the world of publishing more accessible for creative book projects that aren’t always motivated by becoming the next best seller, but have a story they want to tell and share. 

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Richenda says: “Eighteen months ago, I opened my sketchbook and started drawing with no framework in mind - just improvisation, uncertainty and excitement of whether a story might develop along the way. The end result is a collection of hand drawn illustrations, telling a dream-like adventure story that I would like to publish and share, inspiring the imagination of adults and children alike." 

The book - which welcomes sharks, wise turtles and free falling jellyfish - is a celebration of hope and patience with two main characters leading the story. It aims to be an enjoyable, optimistic story of tenderness, adventure and surprise. 

OH Richenda Portrait

Richenda has turned to Kickstarter fundraising - an online funding platform for creative arts - to ask the wider community to help her, quite literally, kick start this art project.  In return for pledges, people receive ‘rewards’ for their support, ranging from signed copies of the book and limited edition prints to original artwork and workshops with Richenda herself. Richenda continues: “The fundraising is needed so I can invest in the design, print and distribution of the book, which I am not able to do on an individual basis myself. I’ve received over £1000 in pledge support so far which is both humbling and inspiring in equal measure.”

As with any Kickstarter project though, unless the full amount required is pledged, the project will not be able to move forward. 

Part of the proceeds from the book will be shared between two charities: MIND, supporting those with mental health issues, and RP, a charity aiming to find a cure for blindness and supporting those affected by the eye condition retinitis pigments. 

Take a look at Richenda’s Kickstarter video to find out more about Ocean Swell and how to invest and bring this intriguing project to life: Find out more.

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