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A winning combination of cakes, websites and SEO
Cakesmiths is an exciting wholesale business that makes, bakes and supplies cakes to the UK coffee shop market.  The majority of Cakesmiths sales come through its website so it is a vital element for the business.  

When Openhouse started working with Cakesmiths, it was already in the process of re-branding and re-designing its established website. We needed to make sure the launch didn’t impact on the search traffic the website already receives.  

Result One. Website Traffic

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Website re-design or migration is a concern to SEO experts as there is always the potential that search engines won’t like what they see, leading to drops in traffic.

The level of optimisation work carried out by Openhouse before the launch meant this wasn’t the case for Cakesmiths. The website launched in August 2015 and has experienced an overall 27% increase in search engine traffic since. No traffic drops at all. A success so far.

Result Two. Content and Keywords.

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We worked with Cakesmiths to identify the keywords that were relevant to reach its target audience online. The words were worked into page titles, meta descriptions, image descriptions, header and body copy. Of course, all this was done without effecting the integrity of the content on the Cakesmiths website. It still needed to be written in Cakesmiths brand voice, which is friendly and chatty.        

As a result, Cakesmiths has much higher visibility on search engine results pages, with 33 keywords ranked in the top 3 positions across national and local search.

Result Three. Website Structure.

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The structure of a company’s website, and the instructions it gives to search engines, is a vital part of any SEO strategy but one that is not readily seen. By focusing on improving Cakesmiths website from the development back-end it meant that, on launch, the website experienced a 91% drop in priority issues on its website structure. What does that mean? A better crawl path for search engines and better search results for Cakesmiths.

What's Next?

SEO is an ever-changing landscape and our work is never done. We continue to manage Cakesmiths SEO as its business and website evolves, particularly focusing on sales conversions and increasing the authority in which search engines view the website.

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