It's all about your business at Openhouse Creative. We use branding, SEO, website design, social media and image making to make sure the customers you want, know all the right things about you.
We’re not just a design agency though, copywriting is an important part of what we do. Which is why we're focusing on the written word to tell you what Openhouse can do for you. (See what we did there?)
We help convey your messages and make sure that they're heard. We guide the right people to you and provide the details that they need. Above all, we're here to help you get business through the door
So, that's Openhouse Creative in a few words. Oh, and did we mention our 20 years of experience in all things marketing? Why not get in touch and we can start telling your story too. 

Recent work

Behave Pro
Kick start your SEO

If you want to start a new inbound marketing campaign or your current search marketing isn't getting the results you want, contact us about our Openhouse SEO Audit and get back on track.
Create impact with illustration

We can produce unique illustrative designs, hand drawn or digital, to add extra flair and impact to your website banners or print material.


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"Openhouse were a real pleasure to work with and I am thrilled with the final outcome of the website and branding. Laurie was extremely patient and guided me through every step of the process." Vicky Oldfield, Artist

"We were impressed with how quickly Openhouse understood our software product and the different messages we were trying to get across, producing website copy that was clear, concise and engaging."

Alan Parkinson, CEO, Hindsight Software

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